Our History

Imani Family Church previously known as Imani Fellowship was organized in 2007 as an outreach to the refugee community from East and Central African Nations living in Des Moines, Iowa. Imani is a Swahili word, which translates to Faith. At that time all services were conducted in Swahili for the sake of the many members who did not understand English. Imani Fellowship continued to evolve until it became what it is now: an international fellowship catering for the spiritual needs of the congregation and community as the Lord leads.

As more people from other parts of the world joined the fellowship, the official language for the fellowship was changed from Swahili to English. As the congregation grew the needs grew; apart from worship we began to conduct weddings, dedications, baptism, social services, relief efforts and funerals. It was with the realization of the expansion of Imani’s mandate, forced a name change to reflection what who we real are. Imani ceased to be a Fellowship and became a full flagged church legally registered with Iowa Secretary of State in November 2014 as Imani Family Church or iFamily Church.

Today Imani strives to meet the spiritual needs of its diverse, ever-growing congregation serving people from the US, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria, and other occasional visitation form other communities. A wide demographic gap among the parishioners makes iFamily a unique place to belong and worship. From senior citizens to toddlers, educated to the uneducated, privileged to less privileged, we all sit under one roof with common goals: to connect with God through His Word and worship, connect with one another by doing life together through small groups (Boot Camp), upgrade spiritually through Holy Spirit encounter, upgrade socially through educational programs offered, and find opportunities to serve God in church, serve our community and beyond.