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Eventually the thread became so extensive that it was decided to edit the posts to create separate articles for each school.

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The editor of The Royal Windsor Website is very grateful to Jane Lindsay in Australia for undertaking the how to write an essay pmr task of editing all the entries. Readers are welcome to add their own comments and memories on the current School Memories forum thread here. If you are not already a member you would be welcome to join us. An opinion essay on shopping mall view of the school buildings, centre right May The complete kit was a green gymslip and blazer with a cream blouse and striped tie, green divided skirt and yellow aertex blouse for sports and 2 green gingham dresses for the summer terms how to write an essay pmr you wore a boater hat instead of the velour hat which was compulsory attire during the winter months.

Miss Meech was our class teacher when we were caught without our hats on in Oxford Road and got a detention! There were some great teachers during my time there as well as Miss Meech, the English teacher. Miss Williams taught maths and Miss Lerrigo French, and the art teacher, whose how to write an essay pmr I forget, all favourites of mine.

Incidentally, I was how to write an essay pmr a prefect as I left school after sitting O-levels at Elmfield, the original school building on Kings Road which was demolished the one-way system was constructed. Beech was always ‘top dog’ in my day, I don’t know about yours. That must have always been the motto I suppose.

Yes, I had Miss Meech for English and music, well singing, choir and school concerts. She would tell us to ‘project our voices – let the sound hit the hard palate in the roof of the mouth, not the soft’.

We would go through a particular piece of music so many times and sing, re-sing and then, do it again.

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She did like perfection – great teacher. I appreciate the school more now than perhaps I did in the time spent there. Did you ‘Beat the Bounds’ on Foundation Day? I think the how to write an essay pmr girls amongst us couldn’t understand why we ‘walked round the school perimeter’, when we did that every day anyway. Lady Mary Crichton was always invited on that special day.

She’d say a few words pe teacher job application letter then Miss Shawcross, The Headmistress, would stand and tell us about how the school came to be.

School uniform, well, yes, it did cost so much and my mother held down several jobs to pay for it all, one of them at the castle. Caleys sold quite a lot of the outfit. I wore a green skirt, ‘dayella’ spblouse, green tie, with tiepin and house badge, green cardigan or v-neck jumper.

Brown or black shoes with beige, knee-hi socks in winter term, brown sandals with Hamlet human nature thesis ankle socks in summer.

The first summer term, the dresses were how to write an essay pmr and white checks, the next summer term, much to my mother’s dismay, it was changed to green and white candy-stripe. Hockey boots and stick, tennis racquet, given to me as I’ve explained in another contribution on the forumgreen, knee-length shorts-cum-skirt, probably like yours.

Gym bag, plimsolls, yellow Aertex gym blouse. Any ribbons had to be dark green and I had plaits then, so bought some green ribbon in Woolworths. No ball pens, only fountain, essay for sbi po exam case, oh it goes on and on I can’t even think what it all would cost how to write an essay pmr. I had Miss Williams for maths how to write an essay pmr. She terrified me, but, I can still remember simultaneous and quadratic equations, simple and compound interest.

How I’d work them out now though, is another matter. She was very strict and I remember the days when I cycled into the Kings Road double gates, professionalism essay was ‘CAP 20’.

She was so lovely.


I loved learning French from her because of her gentle nature, I suppose. I still ‘have a go’ and try to keep up with the language. The art mistress over in Carfax, and right at the very top of the house – phew – was Miss Barnet. She was the most kind-natured person I think I’ve ever met in my life. Needless-to-say, 90 day business plan format the exams at the end of term, I loved it I always expected to be first and if not, second.

Any lower and I was very disappointed, probably more with Miss Barnet than myself Anne Hill – 27 May When King George’s death occurred we were summoned to assembly at the Grammar School and told the news and I remember the stunned silence. It’s how to write an essay pmr time since I’ve been to Windsor but I always used to look out for my old school and changes had been made the last time I was there. I used to go to Carfax for art and our form room was based there in about 4th year.

I loved art and took O-level. I didn’t do anything much with it until I retired when I joined an art club. It has been the source holiday homework of class 3 much pleasure and a very active social life in my retirement and I’m busy organising our th anniversary in 3 weeks time.

Miss Meech was my favourite teacher probably because English lit was my favourite subject and I was pleased to see an article about her in the Radio Times,when Geraldine McEwan sang her praises and her picture was on the cover. I am 71 now and have lived 35 years in Scotland, but I remember my school days clearer than yesterday. I think you might have still been there. Well, I played the how to write an essay pmr of ‘The Spider’, the one who convinced the prince in the cave that he shouldn’t give in and he should keep fighting.

The girl who played the prince was Fiona McGregor. I’ve never forgotten her name, perhaps you knew her.

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She was a prefect, so she was 5 or 6 years my senior. The play was a big success and sold out for three nights. I remember going home on the bus, still wearing the stage makeup Anne Hill – 5 Jun I don’t think I was involved in the and all that play, although I remember it so my sister might have been in it.

I was in Miss Meech’s “Special Choir” and took part in an Elizabethan Fair at the Boys’ School, when we sang madrigals and dressed in clothes of the period. I think that was in celebration of Elizabeth’s succession to the throne. We how to write an essay pmr sang at Eton for some festival or other.

Our big occasion was for the Festival of Britain when the two grammar schools hired a train and we went to London on it. I was in the first form then, I think, and I know we were all very giggly because our carriage was next to the sixth form boys. It’s possible that Fiona McGregor was in my class if she had straight sandy coloured hair, but I might be thinking of someone else, I left at sixteen and a how to write an essay pmr, after O-levels, as my mother thought it was how to write an essay pmr I got a how to write an essay pmr, so I was never a prefect.

I remember with affection Mrs Scott who was my French teacher, as that was my favourite subject and of course who could ever forget Mrs Francis the maths teacher who I always thought was slightly off her rocker.

There are so many others I remember and can still remember their faces but I just can’t remember their names. I spent my first few months at the old school in Osborne Road, and my year was the first to move to the new school. I still hate to wear that awful dark green even after all these years after having to wear it every day of my life for five years. It was a good school though and I received a good education that has stood me in good stead for the rest of my life. Pat Larkin – 6 Jun Anne, your path and mine probably crossed at some point in our younger days, it really is possible I might have known your sister if she was how to write an essay pmr than you Speech Day at the school was always a busy time.

We were given small plays to re-enact on the stage. I thought it was one of the only ‘bits’ of Shakespeare that really enjoyed and understood.

Reciting poems wasn’t too traumatic, but acting right at the front of the stage with the whole school sitting there just waiting and praying for someone to make a mistake or forget lines – tooooo much stress for a lot of us. We were mostly glad that Speech Day was over and done with! I played too in the school orchestra. I’m how to write an essay pmr grateful Miss Meech didn’t make me 1st violin, at least being 2nd, I could hide behind the piano, which was always on the left-hand-side of the stage as format of job application letter for accountant sat in the audience Miss Shawcross always wore her black gown for assembly.

She was such a good head mistress in that she loved the school and the pupils alike.

  • The editor of The Royal Windsor Website is very grateful to Jane Lindsay in Australia for undertaking the substantial task of editing all the entries.
  • In fact, meditation can over time even rewire how your brain responds to stressors!
  • Suddenly we were told that we were to be taught the ‘basics’ of First-Aid
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  • I kept it until very recently but it gradually crumbled and I was left with the Star of Bethlehem and the top of Mary and Joseph’s heads.
  • Just as the church learned to use and critique the book, the radio, and the television, it needs to learn how to wield a controller.
  • Lesleyelmes – 30 Jul Pat, funny that you should mention art classes as it was the only class I ever took when I was actually told it would be better if I left as I had not one iota of talent.
  • The idea hadn’t started then unless you count a girl in our class – who has recently contacted me again – who had a job as a paper girl.
  • Kumpulan Bekas Banduan 7.
  • Mewujudkan hubungan dengan majikan bagi mewujudkan lebih banyak peluang pekerjaan.
  • I think the new school was too ‘new’ and ‘modern’.

Very gentle, caring lady too for someone so young. I think she lived further how to write an essay pmr Osborne Road, because I can remember cycling along there one morning, on my way to the school, and I can see her now, coming down the big, stone steps leading to her house. Did you have First Aid? Suddenly we were told that we were to be essay typer free the ‘basics’ of First-Aid We had this ‘dummy’ which was placed on one of the dining tables.

We all took it in turns to give resuscitation to the dummy. Not something any of us how to write an essay pmr cared for. I suppose the idea was good and could have proved useful in later life maybe. It was a bit nicer than blowing into sheep’s lungs! Blankley for these lessons. Blankley, who we all loved, left to get married, and I can’t remember the name of genetic engineering essay questions replacement.

We young 1st formers thought it was the end of the world when Miss. Literature review on guest house building left us – who could replace her, she was our favourite!

Pat Larkin – 6 Jun Hi Lesley, how to write an essay pmr to the forum and, although I don’t know a single thing about the ‘new school’, it’s great to have someone from modelo de curriculum vitae 2017 word can’t begin to imagine what you went through when changing schools Elmfield and Carfax were reasonably ‘old’ buildings, so to suddenly change to a modern school must have been great